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March 2024

Updated: Apr 12

HIGHLIGHT of the month

We applaud the dedicated individuals who have crafted a beautiful study environment for the children. Their commitment to sustainability and education shines as a beacon of hope, inspiring us to continue our journey toward a greener future

                                          - Story of School beautification with Esper


Namma Swaccha Koramangala with BOSCH

Mestri palya

We're excited to share that we've secured a space in Mestri Palya for regular community sewing sessions. This hub will also serve as a knowledge center for sustainability and waste management discussions, fostering learning and collaboration. 

Additionally, we're launching a cutlery bank to support low-waste events, promoting sustainability at scale

Veeraru Course

On the 16th of March, an enriching and celebratory event unfolded at our office as we felicitated the Veera's of Veeraru Batch 3. This gathering, attended by all Veera's, LBTC team members, and other BOSCHlers, marked a significant milestone in their journey.

The event was not just about accolades; it was a holistic experience aimed at fostering camaraderie and learning. In addition to the felicitation ceremony, participants engaged in a coaster-making workshop guided by one of our esteemed community members. This workshop not only provided hands-on experience but also showcased the sustainable products that have been highlighted in our previous newsletters.

The score reflects both behavioral and knowledge changes observed in the batch. Starting around an average of 25,158, it decreased to 18,170 by the course's end. Lower scores signify significant progress, akin to reducing carbon footprints, highlighting positive advancements in learning and behaviour.

The atmosphere was filled with warmth and excitement as Veera's were presented with sustainable goodies, serving as both practical items and cherished mementos from their course. Their faces lit up with pride and gratitude as they shared their experiences with us, reflecting on the positive impact the program has had on their lives.

The success of the event was not merely measured by the certificates and gifts exchanged but by the sense of empowerment and fulfilment experienced by all involved. Through this event, we were able to bring about meaningful change in the lives of our Veera's, empowering them to embrace sustainability and pursue their goals with confidence. It was a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and collective efforts in creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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Menstrual  Hygiene Session for the Pourakarmikas

Responding to community needs during our Pourakarmics program last year, we organized a crucial session on menstrual hygiene for the women of ward 151. On March 20th, Shanti Ma'am from Swaccha Graha Kalikakendra led an insightful session aimed at promoting menstrual health among waste workers.

The session delved into the importance of menstrual hygiene, dispelling myths and providing practical advice for managing menstruation in challenging work environments. Participants gained knowledge on suitable hygiene products and proper hygiene practices, enhancing their well-being and dignity.

We also introduced sustainable alternatives like cotton pads or menstrual cups, empowering women with eco-friendly options. The session fostered open dialogue and support, ensuring that every woman has access to the resources and knowledge necessary for maintaining menstrual health and dignity. Together, we're building a healthier and more inclusive community

Thanks to the generous support of partners like Bosch, Esper, and OSB, we recently distributed shoes tailored to fit around 120 pourakarmikas, with a special focus on drivers. This initiative aims to enhance their safety and well-being while they carry out their vital duties.

By providing shoes in their required sizes, we are equipping these essential workers with the necessary gear for a safer and more comfortable work environment. This gesture underscores our commitment to supporting the health and safety of our community members, particularly those engaged in critical services.

Shoe distribution


SWM in LR Nagar, Route two with Esper 

Exciting Project Conclusions with Esper: 

We are thrilled to share the successful conclusion of our collaboration with Esper on two impactful projects spanning six months. 

Transforming Schools for Better Futures

Our dedication to community development has led to remarkable transformations at Rajendra Nagar Government School and LR Nagar Government School.

At Rajendra Nagar School, we achieved significant milestones including plumbing, electrical, and painting works, along with essential civil enhancements.

Meanwhile, LR Nagar School saw comprehensive improvements, from sewage and electrical works to the provision of crucial resources such as induction stoves, measuring instruments, furniture, kitchenware, and educational aids.

Esper's commitment to community development goes beyond financial support. On March 15, 2024, Esper employees teamed up with Team LBTC for a day-long beautification event at Rajendranagar School.

The event's focus was to transform classroom walls with vibrant colors and inspiring designs, creating a more engaging learning environment. Over 16 dedicated Esper employees actively participated alongside Team LBTC, showcasing a strong collective effort.

From 10 AM to 4 PM, the teams collaborated on various areas, including classroom walls, stairs, and the balcony, adding artistic flair to the school. This initiative complements ongoing infrastructure improvements such as civil works, plumbing, painting, electrical enhancements, and floor renovations.

ESPER employees in action

Solid Waste Management in LR Nagar

Our project began with a clear mission: to combat dumping of waste near houses, resolve waste collection unavailability, eliminate threats from dumpers, and ensure proper disposal of sanitary waste—all while addressing financial barriers to waste collection.

After six months of dedicated effort in the community, we're proud to report significant progress. We've successfully addressed mixed waste collection issues, curbed dry waste burning practices, and expanded waste management coverage to include not only main lanes but also interior areas.

These efforts symbolize our commitment to creating conducive learning environments and uplifting communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Esper and our dedicated team for making these projects a resounding success.

SWM in LR Nagar with OSB 

After six months of dedicated effort, our partnership with OSB has reached a successful conclusion. LR Nagar, a significant community, faced waste management challenges that echoed those we tackled with Esper.

Through collaboration with OSB, we adopted 200 households along waste collection routes, aiming for holistic waste management solutions. Our approach addresses key issues such as waste segregation, proper collection, and disposal practices.

Additionally, In line with our commitment to education and empowerment, we conducted a workshop for 30 OSB employees on waste segregation and best practices. We indulged them in various waste segregation games to make fun of learning. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also equips individuals with valuable insights for sustainable living.

Participants playing SWM games

Domlur School Beautification with Arrow Electronics

Our efforts at Domlur Government School are going well! The ARROW employees had come to the school as part of their volunteering activity to look into the functioning of the computers in the School lab. 4 of them were functional and we have set up 4 more desktops. This initiative would help the students to make use of the lab facilities for the upcoming educational year.

There was a discussion held with the Staff of the school to gain their perspective on the entire process and get valuable feedback so that it can be implemented in the future phase of the project.  


Erudition Time!

Top strategies for embracing Low Waste Lifestyle

Gift Sustainably

  1. DIY Gifts: Get creative and make homemade gifts using sustainable materials.

  2. Sustainable Products: Choose eco-friendly items like reusable water bottles or organic skincare.

  3. Second-Hand Finds: Shop second-hand for unique and sustainable treasures.

  4. Plant-Based Presents: Give the gift of greenery with potted plants or succulents.

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