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We are on a mission to make India landfill-free and to create a sustainable planet for the generations to come and for all life forms.



Slum settlements lack basic facilities like waste collection, clean drinking water and sanitation. This leaves the slum dwellers with no other options than to litter the waste around their lanes creating garbage dumps and mismanagement of sewage. We are addressing the problem of waste by working with the slum dwellers and BBMP waste collection team with the support of our corporate partners WIPRO and BOSCH. The project is of two phases.


Phase 1 focuses on behavioral change of the community towards SWM through the following

  • Systematic waste collection by working with the BBMP waste collection vehicle and the respective authorities

  • 100% source segregation by incentivizing the residents who are consistently following the best practices of SWM

  • Reduce the garbage dumps by cleaning up with the help of volunteers and the local community

  • Redirect the waste to waste processing centers instead of landfills

  • Build synergy between the citizens and local authorities so that waste management is sustainably followed after our exit from the community


Phase 2 focuses on long term impact by

  • Creating a circular economy in the community by composting or generating biogas from the organic waste, upcycling and recycling inorganic waste.

  • Tirelessly working to reach 100% reduction in waste going to landfills by reducing the generation of non-recyclable waste.

  • Creating livelihood opportunities by upcycling waste to manufacture useful products.

  • Achieving a clean community with ZERO garbage dumping sites 

Our success story

Currently we have adopted 3 slum settlements namely Mestri Palya, LR Nagar and Bisleri Slum in Bengaluru.


Witness the transformation journey of achieving:

  1. 0% to 100% source segregation of waste

  2. Garbage dump-free community

  3. Regular door-to-door waste collection

in Mestri Palya (an urban poor settlemenet in Koramangala, Bengaluru)

This pilot project was executed with the support of Bosch (BGSW)

Photo Gallery

Communities adopted so far


Most of us are unaware about the problems of waste but when we ponder upon how to live a low waste lifestyle, we get overwhelmed with the information available on the internet. We also set unrealistic goals like “I will not use plastic henceforth” and end up with disappointment when the goals are not met. Leading a low waste lifestyle doesn’t mean avoiding plastic totally as it’s not practical in the current system.

Veeraru is a  practical course that helps people from any age group and background to 

  • Adopt 'Low Waste Lifestyle' with practical goals

  • Achieve 100% waste segregation @ every household of Veeraru

  • Help reduce the generation of reject/hazardous waste

  • Reduce the waste you generate ending up in landfills

  • Switching to sustainable products over single-use plastics

There will be field visits to waste processing centres and guest talks by field experts and influencers to keep people motivated and gain practical knowledge.

Here's how our course is unique

  1. App based tracking of behavioural changes and quantifiable impact is done

  2. Monthly household waste audit with sustainability index score is provided


Additionally we mentor the interested individuals to take up community level action towards SWM

Our success story

At Let's Be The Change, one of our goals is to educate and train individuals on how to manage solid waste sustainably. This has been achieved through the Veeraru certification course.

This video gives a sneak peek into this incredible journey of becoming a certified expert in solid waste management and adopting a low-waste lifestyle.

Photo Gallery


Activities under BBI aim to engage the citizens of Bengaluru to be responsible for their waste and to create a #NammaSwachhaBengaluru

Community mobilizing activities like plog runs, cleanup drives and infrastructure development activities like government school beautifications are frequently conducted. Follow us on our Instagram page to get involved in such activities.

SWM awareness workshops, clay Ganapati workshops, composting workshops are also conducted for the public to help improve their positive impact on the environment.

Cleanup drives

Bengaluru almost has one dumping spot/ garbage dump in every lane. We want to see a Bengaluru with ZERO garbage dumps. The video shows how we beautify garbage dumps.

You can report such garbage dumps with us and also get involved to help us achieve our mission.

Government school beautifications

We have beautified 10+ schools so far and we are still counting. 

This helps provide basic necessities like washrooms, better classrooms and infrastructure to children studying and to help reduce the number of drop outs.

SWM Awareness Sessions 

Executed by conducting games, knowledge sharing and interactive sessions by experts on every day items that we use and how to manage the different types of  waste generated responsibly.

Clay Ganesha Making Workshop

Make your own eco-friendly Ganesha idol with clay that be dissolved in water and used in your garden or that can be disposed in water bodies without worrying about toxins.

Plog runs

Jog + Pick litter for a healthier you and cleaner environment. 

Plog Run initiative made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records for collecting over 33 tonnes of PET bottles in less than 12 hours (2018).

Low waste lifestyle workshops

Workshops on how to make natural cleaners, compost organic waste, switch to sustainable products are conducted for the public to help them lead a environmentally positive lifestyle.