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Reduce Waste, Increase Elegance | Use our cutleries for your events in Bengaluru

Planning an event? Make it low-waste, stylish, and hygienic with our Cutlery Bank! We offer a complete set of high-grade steel lunch plates, snack plates, tumblers, spoons, and bowls for up to 1000 people.


How it works?

Place Your Order

Choose the quantity of cutlery sets you need and schedule your pick-up or delivery (additional transportation costs apply).

 Pay a Deposit

A refundable deposit will be charged per set

Enjoy Your Event

Use the clean and sanitized cutlery with confidence! We use natural cleaners to ensure hygiene.

Return & Refund

Once you're done, simply return the cutlery to receive your full deposit back, minus a nominal cleaning fee based on the number of utensils used.

Our Pricing*

*This is a standard pricing for bulk renting. It may vary for smaller rentals

Refundable Deposit

  • Rate: 30% of the total cost of the cutlery.

  • Refund: Refundable upon the satisfactory return of all cutleries.

  • Responsibility: You are responsible for returning all the cutleries rented.

  • Damage/Missing Items: The full cost (MRP) of damaged or missing items will be deducted from the deposit. You must pay the difference if the damage/missing cost exceeds the deposit.

  • Mode of Payment: Cheque.

Cleaning Cost

  • To ensure hygiene of the cutleries, a non-refundable fee of 2,000 INR or 10% of the deposit amount, whichever is higher is collected.

  • If you agree to clean cutleries before returning, cleaning costs will not be applicable based on our inspection.

Transportation Cost

  • Optional Service: Cutleries can be sent to your location via porter, with you bearing the transportation cost (to and from).

  • Note: 

    • For 50 cutleries: We can arrange for delivery via porter and your presence is not compulsory.

    • For 50 + cutleries:  You are required to pick up the cutlery from our location.

Maintenance and miscellaneous costs 

  • To maintain the cutlery bank, a non-refundable fee as donation to the organisation.

    • For <100 cutleries: ₹250 is collected

    • For 100 - 500 cutleries: ₹500 is collected

    • For 500+ cutleries:
      ₹1,000 or 5% of the total deposit cost of cutlery, whichever is higher will be collected

  • In case if you fail to return the cutlery on the agreed date without prior notice, a fee of 500 INR per day or 10% of the total cost of cutlery will be collected whichever is higher.

Why should you rent from us?

Cost effective

The deposit system essentially charges 0% for rent. You only pay a small cleaning fee based on the number of utensils borrowed. This makes our Cutlery Bank a budget-friendly option compared to purchasing disposable cutlery.


Our cutlery is thoroughly washed and sanitized with natural cleaners before your pick-up and after every use.


What cutleries are needed?
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