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May 2024

Updated: Jun 14

HIGHLIGHT of the month

A walk through the urban woods.....


Nature Walk for Biodiversity Week

As part of Biodiversity Month in May, a tree walk was organized in Lal Bagh on the 11th of May. The walk commenced at the west gate point, where volunteers gathered for a brief introduction. Among them were both seasoned and new participants, totaling six. The walk centered on the exploration of the ficus species along with white silk cotton and wild almonds. While we covered only a small section of Lal Bagh, the experience was enriching. We delved into various aspects, such as the diverse fruits and flowers of the trees, and observed an array of bird and insect species inhabiting them. The freshness of the early morning heightened the volunteers' enthusiasm, fueling their exploration. Toward the end, volunteers were tasked with collecting naturally fallen items exhibiting unique characteristics. Their discoveries showcased the inherent beauty of nature.


Operation Repurpose

Operation Repurpose kicked off on May 18th, commencing with an orientation session designed to familiarize volunteers with the project's objectives. Within this initiative, a designated volunteer leader oversees the awareness efforts and the gathering of dry waste within their respective lanes and neighboring areas. Participants in the program received an overview of our organization and were briefed on the various types of waste targeted for collection. 

In the subsequent phase, we engaged student interns from PES University as part of their social internship to advance our efforts. Their tasks included conducting awareness campaigns and covering as many lanes as possible to educate residents of the Banashankari II stage. Residents were incentivized with the opportunity to shop at a pop-up store based on the quantity of waste they deposited, which would be established after two weekends. To ensure seamless communication, residents were added to a WhatsApp group for updates on collection dates and schedules.

On June 1st, collection points were set up at two locations: the old LBTC office and the Banashankari BDA Complex. Door-to-door collection was implemented in select households, particularly those with elderly occupants. Public announcements via speakers were made in all lanes to notify residents about the collection drive and designated drop-off points, facilitating their participation. A total of over 120 kg of various types of dry waste was collected between 10 AM and 1 PM. The success of the collection drive underscored the need for increased manpower for such initiatives, the effectiveness of incentives in motivating participation, and the importance of channeling recyclables to local vendors.

The next step involves establishing a pop-up store, which will offer enticing rewards and goodies in exchange for the waste given.


Plogrun with Bosch

On May 25th, Bosch employees joined LBTC for a plogrun, with approximately 45 volunteers actively engaging in the event. Notably, a plog-baby and his mother participated, marking a unique addition. The plogrun commenced with an icebreaker session, followed by a briefing on waste segregation at home, and instructions on the specific dry waste to be collected during the event. Divided into two groups, participants embarked on two designated routes starting from the processing facility, collectively gathering over 200 kilograms of dry and reject waste.

Following the plogrun, participants were given a tour of the wet waste processing unit, witnessing the process of biogas generation, as well as the sorting and baling of dry waste. The event concluded successfully, providing participants with insights into the challenges faced by Pourakarmikas in daily street cleaning activities, especially when individuals neglect their waste responsibilities. Participants made pledges to refrain from littering, proactively pick up after themselves, and contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of our city.


Game Time- Riddles

(Please send the answers via WhatsApp to +919353218818. Two winners with all correct answers will be rewarded with goodies!)

1. I grow each day with what you discard, a mountain of waste, built yard by yard. Buried beneath, out of sight and mind, but the problem I pose, you’ll surely find. What am I?

2. I capture what falls from the sky, stored and saved for times dry. With me, your garden will thrive, collecting from nature's dive.

3. I’m the habit that reduces your load, turning off, unplugging, lightening your abode. efficiency is my goal, in reducing your energy toll.

4. I’m used once, then thrown away, but there’s a better choice you could display. Made from glass, metal, or bamboo, I’m the zero waste option for you.

5. I’m small and round, often tossed, but recycling me should be embossed. Though tiny, in numbers I grow, and in landfills, my waste does show

6. I’m the choice that’s better for our land, durable, washable, always on hand. I replace something flimsy and thin, single-use plastic, I help you win.

7. I’m made of leftovers, scraps, and green, turn me in a pile, and nutrients will be seen. brown and green layers are the key, to make a gardener's delight, who am I to be?

8. I’m a friendly way to travel far, no gas required, just pedal power. What am I?

Erudition Time!

Top strategies for embracing Low Waste Lifestyle

Choose Big Bottles for a Greener Planet!

Did you know that opting for big bottles instead of small sachets can make a huge difference for our environment

  1. Less Waste: Big bottles use less packaging per unit of product, significantly reducing plastic waste.

  2. More Savings: Enjoy lower costs over time by purchasing in bulk.

  3. Easy Recycling: Big bottles are easier to recycle compared to small sachets. Make the eco-friendly choice today and help us reduce plastic pollution. Every small step counts!

Are the tips provided helpful?

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