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April 2024

HIGHLIGHT of the month

Venturing into something new- Low Waste Event Management


Keynote Speech at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering

On April 3rd, our founder, Mr. Anirudh Dutt was invited to Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering as a keynote speaker for their National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP) sponsored Workshop on “Navigating Idea to Enterprise-Crafting an Entrepreneurial Journey”. The event was conducted for students and teachers, to provide participants with practical knowledge, tools, and resources to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully from ideation to building a sustainable enterprise. Mr. Dutt shared the story of LBTC's inception, elucidating our mission and endeavors in the waste management sector, and outlining the impact we strive to create.

The event saw enthusiastic involvement from the students, who shared their opinions and feedback on the prevailing challenges in solid waste management and their impact on communities.

Outer Ring Road(ORR) Plogging with Intel

On April 4th, an engaging plogging activity was coordinated with employees from Intel and Sony. The event commenced with a briefing session underscoring the importance of Solid Waste Management (SWM), followed by detailed instructions on participating in plogging. With 90 participants in total, divided into 3 groups, each group embarked on a different route. A competitive spirit emerged, motivating participants to collect as much waste as possible for their respective teams. In total, 150kg of dry waste was gathered. This waste was subsequently transported in a BBMP vehicle for further recycling.

Following the plogging session, the satisfied participants, still buzzing with enthusiasm, expressed their desire for similar events in the future, exchanging contact information and providing feedback.

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Reviving the Volunteer Programs

On April 13th, our volunteer program was reinvigorated amidst the vibrant and verdant surroundings of Cubbon Park, offering a refreshing change of scenery. The gathering commenced with an overview of LBTC's ongoing projects, sparking a flurry of insightful questions and creative ideas from the eager volunteers. Following this, a brief activity was conducted to showcase their artistic talents, involving collecting waste from the park and crafting small artworks. One group fashioned a tree with a single leaf amidst scattered waste, while another team constructed a quaint shack adorned with beautiful flowers.

The event concluded with a spontaneous participant expressing interest in becoming an active member of our organization. As the event wrapped up, all volunteers displayed eagerness to embark on their journey with LBTC, expressing their determination to contribute towards creating the change they wish to see in the world.


Beautifying Bengaluru Initiative (BBI)

On April 18th, as part of our Beautifying Bengaluru Initiative (BBI), LBTC collaborated with Mr. Ashok, a dedicated volunteer (a retired CRPF personnel), and the Evoscien organization to enhance the aesthetics of a Rajakaluve in Harohalli. Mr. Ashok spearheaded the cleanup efforts of the Rajakaluve and reached out to LBTC for additional volunteers. Concurrently, Evoscien approached us to organize an event for Earth Day. Given that both parties were based in Rajanakunte, we facilitated their collaboration to advance the event.

As part of LBTC's commitment to BBI, we provided painting supplies such as paints, brushes, buckets, mugs, and scrubbers. Although there were initial challenges in event planning, the event was ultimately executed beautifully, leaving all volunteers with smiling faces.

Upskilling Pourakarmikas

As part of our upskilling Pourakarmika(PKs) project, we held sessions on April 15th and 16th. One focused on the significance of waste segregation, while the other covered hygiene practices both in the workplace and at home. To minimize waste from reaching landfills and for hygiene, steel bottles, and lunch boxes were supplied for their daily use, replacing plastic alternatives. Safety shoes were distributed to drivers, waste collectors, and PKs to enhance workplace safety. The PKs expressed their joy upon receiving these items.

Donation of Medical Supplies

On 16th April, face masks, infrared thermometers, pulse oximeters, and gloves were donated from the LBTC office to the Primary Health Care (PHC) at Hoskerehalli.

Our first-ever low-waste housewarming event!

Ms. Aarti, a client, sought our assistance in organizing her housewarming event with a focus on minimizing waste. In our inaugural venture into low-waste event management, we supplied cutlery from our recently established cutlery bank. Additionally, we offered upcycled bags for gifting purposes and cotton bags for tambula. The caterers and assistants were instructed on waste segregation using the various colored and labeled bins provided by us. All waste was picked up by a BBPM vehicle on the mornings of the 25th and 26th to prevent waste buildup and to maintain sanitary conditions.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees expressing enthusiasm for their first experience of a low-waste event. They suggested adding more signage to emphasize that the event was low waste and to reassure attendees that the provided cutlery had been sanitized beforehand for their safety and convenience, aiming to alleviate any hesitation about using them.

The cleaners and helpers found this practice to be new, but they expressed that they didn't encounter any difficulties in segregating the waste. The support from the client, vendors, and guests provided us with confidence and valuable experience in hosting such events in the future.

Cleanathon at Sampangi Nagar

On April 21st, we organized a cleanathon in Sampangi Nagar to address a pressing issue: a 50-meter stretch that had transformed into a dumping ground for garbage, affecting both local residents and commercial establishments. The six volunteers from LBTC dedicated nearly five hours to beautifying the wall, but the end result was truly stunning. We transformed the area into a picturesque stretch of wall, and our hope is that it remains free from any future instances of garbage dumping.

Erudition Time!

Top strategies for embracing Low Waste Lifestyle

Low Waste Travel

  1. Opt for a reusable bottle: Instead of relying on single-use plastic bottles, bring along a reusable one and refill it whenever possible, minimizing the environmental impact caused by disposable plastic.

  2. Pack your toiletries: By bringing your own toiletries, you can avoid the small plastic bottles typically provided in hotel rooms, reducing plastic waste.

  3. Embrace paperless options: Receive your flight tickets and room reservation details via email to decrease the consumption of paper and reduce paper waste during your travels.

  4. Carry reusable containers and cutlery: Say no to non-biodegradable food containers and single-use cutlery by carrying your own reusable options, reducing plastic waste from takeout meals.

  5. Bring a shopping bag: Avoid accumulating plastic bags by carrying a reusable shopping bag for your purchases.

  6. Use your own towel: Minimize water usage and laundry impact by using your own towel instead of relying on hotel-provided towels, which require significant water to wash after each use.

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How does one get to know of upcoming events? Also it seems like you'll only have these events in areas that fall under BBMP. We here in Sampigenagara and Ananthnagar have so many issues, despite being close to Or in Electronic city. Another question I have is does plogging mean one has to jog Or walking is fine too?

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