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Restorative Practices for Schools

Updated: Apr 12

Schools are where hundreds of children attain literacy and are getting prepared for life. This is why a school’s environment and atmosphere should be one which is inspiring. Keeping this in mind, LBTC has started a chain of events pertaining to school restoration. This transformation can be anything from paint work to flooring, patchwork, etc. This programme has been a major hit with corporate volunteers coming in to help out in collaboration with organisations like Goodera and Sattva.

This process starts with identifying schools who are in need of such transformations with the help of the Block Education Officers. A survey is then conducted for a problem and need analysis of the particular school. Once the problem area is identified, a plan is made. The execution of which is tried to be made as efficient as possible so that the event is a successful one.

After each of these projects, it gives us great satisfaction to see the children’s happy faces and their excitement to come to school each day.

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