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Plogging – Fitness can save the Environment

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

From the words “Plastic” and “Jogging”, you get the word ‘Plogging’ – an idea that originated from Sweden in 2016. This is a new innovative idea that pairs exercise with doing social good – while you jog, pick the trash on the way and help get rid of plastic pollution.

It involves jogging with a bag and picking up scattered plastic waste on the streets. While jogging, people need to keep collecting litter in the bag and finally drop it off at a designated place. It includes way more body movement for exercise like squatting, bending and stretching. It is an incredible way to exercise as well as playing a game of treasure hunt!

This idea has led to many successful events, where numerous people have come together and carried this out to get amazing results. LBTC hosted a Plog Run across 54 different localities in Bengaluru, on October 2nd, 2018. It was a conscious effort to pick up plastic in our own neighbourhood. Various institutions came in to help as well, including waste management partners who made sure the collected waste was recycled.

So if you are feeling fatigued and want to do something for your health and hygiene, go plogging!

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