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Jauntful Internship!

Updated: Apr 12

Our journey as interns began on twenty fifth of June to ‘Let’s Be The Change’ through the Social Immersion Programme of our college, so as to analyse and abbreviate the environmental problems. The fresh experience as an associate degree intern to a non-government organisation stirred up several queries and expectations within me. The benign atmosphere encouraged me to actively play my assigned role. The first day experience was the foremost pleasant one, from ice breaking session to the assignment of roles, I enjoyed it. The friendly composture of the members made us all feel very inclusive. Somewhere on the journey, my mere acknowledgement of problems became actions for higher cause.

I enjoyed taking the surveys as it gave an insight on the neighbourhood environmental problems and improved my personal skills. I look forward to working with the NGO for ‘The Change’. One of my friends, Maaz, expressed his fascination towards the NGO’s work environment. He claims that the work introduced him to content writing, which broadened his knowledge on expression.

The initiatives taken by the NGO inspired the intern to take this cause further in his own direction. The internship also played a role in personality development where the student’s communication skills and other aspects were improved. Another of my friend and active student, Neha, briefed that through the work, she realised the intensity of the problem and claimed that not many people are aware of its effects. She said ‘If we don’t think about the consequences of our actions, the continuum of the damage will not be subsided.’ Hemanth, member of our team expressed that his values were enriched and he gained better insight on the procedure. He pointed out that survey work which included interview with the officials and residents improved his already gained information on environmental issues. Another beloved friend and intern, Surya, noticed that his feeling of responsibility towards the society relatively increased after working with the NGO. The value that he saw in the team work can be used to transform the society for the better. Mallu, part of our team, pointed out that working for clean Bengaluru induced a very positive feeling around him. I believe, we, who are associated with the complex nature of environmental issues which stem from the historical events and current restraints, need to take the initiatives. In conclusion, we all had different outlooks on the time we spent at ‘Lets Be The Change’ but we all can say its an internship with learning and fun.

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