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Cleanathon: What, Why & How

Updated: Apr 12

The concept of Cleanathon was started by the Team of Lets Be the Change in 2014. Cleanathons are mainly devoted to cleaning, beautifying and transforming a previously garbage filled dump.

If you are taking a walk around your locality and suddenly get an unpleasant smell and find a big nasty garbage dump. What do you do?

LBTC provides an easy to follow 8 step procedure for a cleaner and greener environment –

Step 1 : Locate garbage dumps near your area

Step 2 : Gathering community members

Step 3 : Making a Plan

Step 4 : Involving government officials in the plan

Step 5 : Eradication of waste and black spots

Step 6 : Beautifying to the cleaned area

Step 7 : Asking nearby residents to maintain the spot

Step 8 : Weekly Visit

The LBTC team will help you take action and make a lasting change to keep your area clean. This will not only help keep your surroundings tidy but will also help you understand your responsibility as a citizen, as a member of the society and the little things you could do to contribute.

Once a complaint is received, the LBTC team would look into the problem, inform the concerned government officials (BBMP) and get them connected. LBTC also provides aid in forming a coherent local group, who are the immediate stakeholders, and help them take responsibility to sustain the change. This is followed by awareness processes for the localities.

Our Musical Cleanathons have done a great job in getting attention and spreading awareness. Several bands have shown their support by helping with the cleaning process as well as performing during breaks.

All of this results in the people themselves taking charge of the sanitation of their surroundings. Cleanathons are a great way to bring people together so that they can thrive in a community that is hygienic and sustainable.

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