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Updated: Apr 12

Let’s Be The Change (LBTC) is a non-profit organization which aims to build a cleaner and healthier society by working with the people and the Government. LBTC was started by Anirudh S Dutt on 5th July 2013. We have been growing ever since with over 250 successful events, including cleanliness drives, awareness programmes, spot fixes, pet adoption drives and so on. We are mainly comprised of energetic youngsters whose only aim is to make Bengaluru a better place for the society by initiating cleanothon drives. We are a bridge connection between the Municipal Corporation (BBMP) and the Citizens. LBTC believes in involving citizens to actively participate in eradicating black spots and has helped in creating awareness and social responsibility among the residents.

We believe Bangalore can be free from garbage dumps when the locals take initiatives and work in synergy with the BBMP. Let’s Be The Change main emphasis is on building this synergy and empowering the locals.

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