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Have you volunteered yet?

Updated: Apr 12

Volunteers work together willingly for the benefit of their communities, environment and themselves. By giving back to the community, a volunteer does not only help the community grow stronger, but are also helping themselves become stronger. They play a dynamic role in improving our society. Knowing that they have made a positive impact on someone is an emotionally uplifting experience that cannot be matched by fame or money. As Paulo Coelho said –

“The Reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become”.

And most importantly, volunteering has been seen as a great stress relief activity as well!

So it’s not for money or fame, it’s just to lend a helping hand to make the world a better place. That is something you can’t buy with wealth. Here is a call to do your part, join the excitement, meet new people, be a positive influence, develop new talents and skills, grow from the experience, learn and serve, get personal satisfaction to work for a cause, be a part of a team, face new challenges, raise awareness and preserve the environment.

LBTC gives you a chance to volunteer in Bengaluru, for a variety of exciting events that will help you contribute to the society as well as have a great time doing it! Once a part of our volunteer team, regular updates will be given on the events. If you are free, have time to spare or if an event is happening around your locality, just pop in with your friends.

We have great volunteer opportunities in store for you and it is up to you to lend a hand and make a difference!

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